About Sophia Kim


I'm a crazy, eccentric, adventurous, career-driven woman with ridiculous stories around the world, whose lifestyle is travel. I am constantly on the go. I dislike feeling 'complacent' and am always finding ways to progress and push myself and others out of our comfort zones. 

Suddenly strapping on a backpack to an untouched part of the world is as important as being successful at my work. Working for an Oil & Gas giant has allowed me to be a part-time lady boss and part-time nomad, which has allowed me to travel all over the world from a live-in expat in China to living out of my suitcase with a global team, without any personal expenses!

If you're looking for how to balance work and travel, need inspiration to go and quit your job for that life-long dream to go explore the world, if you're looking for a relaxing vacation at an exclusive hotel, or for an isolated hut, with no English speakers, and a bucket as a shower, I have been there and understand all these lifestyles. 

I hope that you laugh until you cry at my most embarrassing toilet stories (be prepared for diarrhea, a lot of diarrhea), be moved by the rawness of the local hospitality and love I have experienced around the world, cringe at my most horrifying and disgusting stories while traveling, cry from the heartbreak and disappointments along my path, and most importantly,I hope that you will leave feeling inspired to live your life to the best that you can, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  

We are all the same kind - human kind. We all want acceptance, love, kindness, forgiveness, happiness, and meaning. Like you and everyone else, I'm trying to find my way through life, continually learning who I am, and pushing myself to where I want to be. 

I would love to help guide you in whichever path you choose, and in helping you, I can find my own path because life is a journey that never ends. 

Follow my travels on my Instagram, Facebook, or comment on my blog to say 'hello'! I love to meet new people and love hearing stories of where you have been, who you are now, and where you want to go.

Photos by Sophia J Kim.

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